January 29 was the day I visited the Long Beach City Beach with my friend Richard. Making the plaster and the mold were a little bit tricky. I wasn’t sure how much of water and plaster I was putting in, so I just kept power more of each in until it felt right. Then when I was making my mold in the sand I had some trouble pulling my hand out without breaking the mold. As I was making my mold, I realized that it would be pretty hard to make any signs with your hand or gestures without having a hard time pulling it from the sand. So I had to stick with something simple. Then when it came to digging up the sand, I learned that you should not dig too deep of a hole or you will spend a good amount of time digging it up. What came out was a pretty good representation of my fist. Although my thumb cut off a bit, the rest of the hand came out fine. If I had to relive this wonderful experience, I would remember not to dig another deep hole and keep it nice and small. WP_20170128_11_28_42_Pro.jpg