For this week’s activity the was to think of the way you were going to leave the land of the living and capture the last moment in a picture. When I was doing this assignment I thought that it would be fun to think of the way I would go out. I honestly believe that I could die in any way possible. There are thousands of scenarios where I pictured myself dying. I like to believe that no matter how careful I am, death is always waiting behind the corner. So for this picture I decided to go with something everyone does at least once in their life, laundry. Laundry is a weekly thing, and while I am doing it my body is on auto pilot most of the time. So what if I happen to drop a loose sock and I don’t notice? Just one careless mistake and I can fall and break my neck just like that. My death is to show that no matter what you are doing, accidents can happen and end your life just like that. A__75BB.jpgA__E456.jpg