For this week’s Art Experience we had to make a art package to send to someone. I decided to dedicate my package to my friend R. Me and R. knew each other since high school and we always met up online to play games together. We were pretty much into the same stuff and did the same things until he left to a different college. This package contains some of the things we did together, such as some of the food places we went to with other friends. A parking citation for that time we carpooled and parked in the wrong area. Another thing is the 4 day pass to anime expo we went to last year. Some of my more personal things such as my picture of me and my mom was included because he has slept over so many times he is like a brother I never had.

I think sending this and sending a snap are different in how much thought was put into each of them and the physical object. Setting this up took a little time and thought out expression. Sending a snap does not require much thought and can be easily done in a few minutes. They are the same in the case that they are sending something you want the other person to see and hope they like it. The thought behind the package is what really matters though because the person knows that you really thought of them while making it and they can feel your appreciation towards them. As long as I put in the same amount of thought while making the snap chat as I did the art package, I think that the person would still feel my “love” for them and like it all the same. It does not matter how long it took to send, just knowing that the person you send it too liked it and understands the effort I put in it is good enough for me.

I think ephemera is pretty important to the person it belongs too. To me, what I deem important may not matter too some people, such as my picture of my mom. But what really matters is my opinion and nothing can change the fact of what I think is important of not. If someone is to receive my ephemera all I hope is that they recognize that I see it as important. It does not matter what they think, but I just hope they understand that I see it as valuable in my eyes. The only difference between my care package and the art in a museum is that people may like the art in the museum more than my art care package. Art is what people decide it as. If some people call my package art then it is art. If they don’t then it’s not.