For this week’s art activity we had make an automatic drawing with another person. Out of all the people I thought of, I believed that my mom would be the best person to do the drawing with. We already had some supplies on hand, so getting the materials was not a big deal. I had to explain to her a couple of times what exactly what we were doing, but eventually we got to drawing. While we were drawing, I felt like my mom was doing all the work because she is generally a person who likes to lead rather than be led. So I fought against her movements a couple of times to see what would happen. Overall I thought the experience was fun and something I never thought I would do with my mom.

For the drawing, we used different colored pens and pencils. I came out like how I expected to be, a bunch of scribbles and lines. At first my mom was leading the drawing and made a lot of sharp turns and small arcs, but when I started leading I used more wide and curvier arcs. There was a couple of times we went outside the paper, but in the end it turned out nicely.