Artist: Yeri Hwang
Exhibition: Within Us
Media: Engineering, Drawing and Painting
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Instagram: @yeriyeti

About the Artists

Yeri Hwang is a student in the School of Art’s Studio Art program and is going to graduate this semester. She is originally from Torrance, California but moved to Long Beach six months ago. She began as an animation student but decided to explore other forms of art. Her art consists of illustrations and kinetic sculptures. She likes to use interactive art and is a multi-disciplinary artist so she could do a bit of everything like sculpting and drawing.

Formal Analysis

A lot of the art consisted of user interaction. You could touch the art in some way and the art would show something different. Each of the art work had different instructions on them, so the viewer knew what to do to see something different. The room was dark the art work was statistically placed so the viewer was forced to see them in a specific order. Other than the color wheel, most of the colors were bland or plain.The materials used ranged from plastic to glass and other electronic devices.

Content Analysis

The purpose of Yeri’s exhibition was to act as a physical embodiment of the journey we take in life. Each piece was a different step in life, sharing an instruction or an inspirational bit about that section. The reason she wants her creations to tell a story is because she wants to relate to the viewers own journey in life. Her pieces represented the choices people have or have not made so far. Also, shows that the destination we have mind is not always clear and we may have our doubts, but we must keep pushing through to get somewhere in life.

Synthesis / My Experience

When I entered the room, I thought it would be just another walk through exhibit, but to my surprise this exhibit was different from the others I have seen. Unlike most art, Yeri allowed people to touch and interact with her art. I liked the idea that you can interact with her art and not just look at it because it gave me a different feel than art you just look at. When I discovered the purpose of Yeri’s art, I felt that it resonated with me the most because I was easily able to relate to it. It reminded me that I had to make a lot of decisions to be where I am right now. I also understand now that the future is always changing and it is up to me to get where I want to be.