For this week’s art experience, we had to create a zine or a flip book. While walking through the zine and flip book gallery, I saw that there were zines and flip books on many things. What interested me most was the book on zine on dogs. The zine got me thinking of what I like the most and I decided to do a zine on the places I like to eat at. Doing the zine was fun. Some of the important things I had to think about was the size and presentation of the zine. I did not want to stress out too much, so I decided to use the normal folded paper and staples technique. What I put in my zine was the logos of the food places I enjoyed eating at. I got the pictures from online and printed them out and glued in on the pages of my zine. When I was done, I had a complete zine of some of the food places I liked eating at. If I were to do this again, I would pick better material to use as my zine and use thread to bind it together instead of staples. Also I would pick a different topic like games I play or celebrities I would like to meet