WP_20170319_11_16_48_Pro.jpgFor this week’s art experience we had the task of finger painting and making an abstract drawing. As I did this, I thought back to the time I did this same activity in pre-school. The time back then and the time now is pretty much the same feeling because I still don’t know what I was drawing. When I started the painting, I wanted to tape the paper to the wall and paint on their. But my tape was too weak and could not hold up the paper. So I decided to paint on the floor and found it easier than painting standing up. I also thought it would be easy to paint out my thoughts, but the paint did not do what I wanted it to do and had to just improvise. I think that drawing with no specific subject in mind is harder than having a subject. With the subject I at least know what to think about while I am painting, but with the abstract art I don’t I have nothing to guide me. I think compared to other paintings I seen, my art feels a little hollow and not totally complete. I feel like I could have done more, but I do not know what it is.WP_20170319_11_22_55_Pro.jpgWP_20170319_11_23_50_Pro.jpg