Artist:David Desantis
Exhibition: Day Dreamer
Media: Printmaking
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Instagram: @rapturefineart

About the Artists

David DeSantis is a Senior at California State University.He is currently working on getting his Bachelors or Arts in print making. He currently lives in Westminster but grew up living in the Long Beach area. When David was younger, he had an interest in designing and building motorcycles. But as time passed, David realize how much time building motorcycles was taking up and decided to move on to different things. He then enrolled in school and attended The School of Fine Arts and sought out express himself freely.

Formal Analysis

David used cardboard and paper for his art work. Most all of David’s work consisted of dark colors or dark themes. This probably comes from his strong influence from hard rock and dub step which are his favorite types of music. His work the abstract shapes of forms in order to let the audience make his or her own meaning about the art.


Content Analysis

David’s work is influenced by ideas and concepts driven by fluid abstract expressionism. Most of his art pieces that were displayed in his art gallery were based on titles, beats, rhythms, and lyrics from music. His work often seems abstract and a little chaotic which is a result of the type of music that he listens to to inspire his work. His art can take on many ideas and interpretation which makes it unique.


Synthesis / My Experience

As I looked at his art, I thought that the way he used lines was interesting and really had me amazed at what I saw. After I learned that his inspiration cam e from music, I was astounding on his way of showing what music inspires him to do. Music is important part of life that expresses feeling that can not be said and I think what he shows through his art is an interpretation of that.