Artist: Clare Samani
Exhibition: Dressed
Media: paper, ink, clothes, and print
Gallery: CSULB School of Art Merlino Gallery

About the Artists

Initially, Clare lived in the San Fernando Valley, but she moved to Long Beach to attend school. Currently, Clare is attending California State University, Long Beach’s School of Arts with the emphasis on printmaking. Ever since she was just a child, she loved to draw and paint. She stated that she loves to do those activities because it does not require any sense of direction and you can freely do what you want. As if right now, Clare wants to go graduate school in Louisiana to further study printmaking.

Formal Analysis

Her art pieces, which are printed clothes on a paper, are actual sizes of her clothes. Each piece has one color theme and they range from dull to bright color. The texture is a bit rough, because the garments are pressed and you can see the linings and crumpled markings of them.  Generally, many of her art pieces has a huge contrast from the article of clothing that’s being expressed and the background.

Content Analysis

Clare produces artwork that were influenced by pieces of clothing that she either found, clothing that her friends wear, or clothing interest her that she observes on other people. She thinks that a person’s choice of garments may speak to either that person’s own vision of self or what the person wishes others to view as his or her self. Her work focuses on exploring the symbolism and identity inextricably intertwined with people and clothing.


Synthesis / My Experience

I really enjoyed looking at the different designs and texture the clothing appeared to have. Even though the clothes did not have much detail, she used the ordinary clothes in a way to exemplify themselves as something more. The more I look at them, the more smaller details I notice and enjoy.