Artist: Travis Lober
Exhibition: WORK : It’s a four lettered word
Media: Printmaking, Wood
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

About the Artists

Travis is currently a senior at CSULB. He is currently trying to get his Bachelors in Fine Arts. Originally from NorCal Travis moved over to SoCal once he got accepted into CSULB. Originally he was majoring in graphic design but later on he switched his main focus to print making and he hopes to have a future career in it once he graduates.

Formal Analysis

Travis mentioned that this exhibit took him a span of three years to create. He said that there is a lot of details that he had to look over. Before Travis became the artist that he his today, he was a construction worker. Due to his years in construction, Travis has had to put up many dry walls. He finds them blank and boring and thinks they should be decorated. Sometimes he would want to work in a blank space though, so he has no perception of colors from anything that can distract him or influence his work.

Content Analysis

Many of his art includes images of shoes. Shoes are used daily in the trades. The same goes for tools. While working in construction, he began looking at tools in a new light. To him, tools can do more than just fixing houses or building one. They are also his inspiration in his printmaking, and they remind him of different senses. He stated that being an artist is similar to being a construction worker because of how precise and careful you have to be.


Synthesis / My Experience

I enjoyed this week’s gallery by Travis. He incorporated what he was passionate about and expressed himself with the art. It was interesting to know that he started off as a construction worker who is now creating art that that was inspired by his past. Although  I haven’t had a job yet, I feel like if I did I could apply what I learned from that job into my overall life like Travis did.