Artist: Krystal Ramirez
Exhibition: La Cena Esta Servida
Media: Metal
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

About the Artists

Currently, Krystal Ramirez is finishing her last year at California State University, Long Beach pursing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with the emphasis in metal and jewelry. She is majoring in 3D Media and is earning her Bachelors in Fine Arts. Krystal was from Huntington Beach and now lives in Long Beach for school. Ever since she was little, art has always been an interests of hers.

Formal Analysis

Within Krystal’s artwork, she utilizes different types of metals, such as pewter, copper, brass,steel, silver, and many more, to create pieces of art that represent a large dinner table filled with different types of plates and utensils. Tools such as forks, scissors, cups, and so on were on plates in replacements of the food. Each tool complimented each other on the plate and nothing seems unusual or out of place.

Content Analysis

Krystal’s work serves as an exploration of the relationships that formed around the dinner table. She stated that her art pieces are a directly reflection of the people that have influenced her. Ever since she was young, Krystal always admired the ritual of meal preparation. Dinner time was a way for everyone to get together and share their stories, laughs, cries. Ramirez often feels nostalgic as she thinks back to the truths and stories that were told at the dinner table. It’s almost like it is a safety place anyone in her family to look forward to coming home to.

Synthesis / My Experience

  I really enjoyed the exhibit because I can relate to what Krystal was trying to express through her exhibit and artworks. Dinner is something I also do look forward to having with my family as well. Being a busy college student, I rarely get to sit down with everyone in the family to have dinner and talk about what had been going on in my life and their’s. It is quite unfortunate with my busy schedule, so it is something I value having every time I am able to get the chance to.