For this week’s Art Activity, our plan was to go to the Japanese Garden at CSULB and take different sketches of the garden. I have actually been to the Japanese Garden when I was in elementary school and I thought the garden was smaller then I remember.  It was a nice change of pace from the classrooms and the art galleries and I am glad that we had a chance to visit it. If i had a chance to visit the Garden again, I go at a time when there is less people because it feels more peaceful.

The art activity consisted of a variety of sketches with different instructions. To start I began with simple 30 second sketches. I did care for detail and the goal was to get my hand moving and just examine the scene at first. I thought this was interesting because I haven’t drawn in a while and my sketches came out better than I thought it would. I then moved onto contour drawing. This is where I thought my drawing would become a mess, but it turned out better than I expected and could actually see what I wanted to draw. Finally, the last portion was putting more time and detail in a new sketch. From my perspective, I wanted to emphasize more on the tree that was in-front of me, rather than the pond. In my opinion, the drawing came out looking pretty good and I enjoyed my final sketch.

Going to the Japanese Garden allowed me to take a break from studying for finals and let me rest my brain for a bit. I really thought this activity was pretty fun and hope to go out to peaceful places like the Japanese Garden again.