This week, I was able to meet Sahil Patel.  At first glance, I did not think that we would have much in common. But it turns out that we both used to play X-Box back in middle school  and played the same games. Also  we both went to High Schools in Long Beach, but we went to different schools. Now in college, Sahil is majoring in business and is trying to be an accountant. In his free time, he likes to play basketball at the rec center. From the blurry picture you can see me on the left and Sahil on the right. It wasn’t until a day later I realized that the picture became this blurry. Hopefully next time we meet, I can get a clearer picture.


When I first saw Milon, I already thought he was an alright guy if Sahil was friends with him. It turns out that my thoughts were correct. I found out that we were both in our second year of college. Some other similar facts that I found out was that we both had similar taste in food, such as Korean BBQ and sushi. It also interested me that he worked part time as a life guard at the rec and that he is majoring in sociology. Some of his hobbies include working out. While I have fun playing games, he likes to occupy his time getting fit. Making connections outside of my major is always great because it provides different views and interest from what I hear in my own major.

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